Is the Blackberry 7100t the Right PDA For You?

When looking for the perfect blend between a high-quality consumer and corporate electronic gadget, the Blackberry 7100t satisfies the needs of everyone. The Blackberry 7100t offers a wide range of convenient features that far exceeds the models of old. If it were a car, it would ride like a dream, offering phone, email and Internet capabilities that still fits into your pocket, despite the noticeable increase in size.

Because this Blackberry model offers phone service, a larger body was needed to support this convenient function.. Even though the size of the handheld PDA has increased, it is still smaller than other models on the market.

When it comes time to make a phone call, compose emails or send a message, the Blackberry presents a mixture of the traditional QWERTY layout for messaging, integrated with a standard number pad. A space-saving feature, (which first seems confusing to some) includes the placement of two letters or numbers on some keypad positions. Getting used to dialing a phone number or typing messages is made much easier than previous versions because of SureType technology (explained later).

With advanced technology, utilizing the address book, as well as setting default text has never been simpler. The Blackberry 7100t possesses an array of impressive enhancements, including the ability to learn the communication habits of users.

A Lot of Firsts

There are many different firsts connected to this Blackberry model, such as the introduction instant messaging features. Provided by T-Mobile, a convenient wizard is offered, which aids in the establishment of AOL and Yahoo Messenger, as well as ICQ. This particular model of BlackBerry is the first to offer consumers Bluetooth connectivity that comes with a helpful wireless headset. This is also the primary attempt from the company to feature dedicated buttons, such as “Send” and “End.” The built-in speakerphone is also a favorable feature.

A Clever Gadget

This handheld PDA is rather smart, as it searches a dictionary consisting of 35,000 entries every time you use the keypad. With the Blackberry feature called SureType, the gadget analyzes possible word and phrase combinations, making typing messages a breeze. You don’t have to tap the keys more than one time to compose emails and such, let SureType do all of the work. Current users boast of its self-correcting capabilities. Some consumers are able to effortlessly type a 25-word email message without any hassle. After reviewing a few tips regarding this feature, you will soon become a master of the technique.

When choosing between a BlackBerry model and another gadget, you might want to prioritize your technological needs. If you want camera, MP3 player or photo capabilities with your PDA, you might have to choose another model. But, if you want to take advantage of high-quality phone, organization and Internet features, the Blackberry 7100t is leading the game in electronic communication gadgets.

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